Budget Friendly Ways To Get Your Kids Active

Believe it or not, students often excel due to the activities offered on and off campus. This is especially true for a family oriented community and lifestyle. School activities are a way to promote education in a fun atmosphere for students. Many activities can enhance subjects such as science, history or even grammar. These activities are to promote growth and introduce kids to one another in a fun environment.

Science Fair
This hands-on activity teaches children how to create their own learning experiences in and out of schools. Children learn to communicate ideas, as well as interact with one another and engage their minds with science through creativity. Set a date for the science fair to be held. Be sure to give the children ample time to create their projects. Older students will strengthen their grammar and writing skills in providing a research paper along with their finished project. Creativity can be utilized in designing a display board. This is a well-rounded activity in promoting various areas of education, not just science.

Plant a Tree
Plant a tree or trees with your school or class. This activity aids in teaching children how to develop an understanding of organisms and how to develop an understanding of populations and ecosystems. Purchase or ask for a donation from a local nursery or greenhouse. Many people in the local community love to help aid in education. Find a designated spot on your school's campus or in a communal area to plant trees. Be sure to get permission from the proper administration. The place you plant your trees can yield future activities such as visits to monitor the trees' growth. Your kids could also benefit from having the right outdoor gear to get active in! Check out the coupon codes here, at Patagonia, to get it for less!

School Dance
Hold a school dance in your school's gym or cafeteria. Include different types of music, hula hoops, and games. Theme your dance and hold a costume contest and encourage kids to express themselves. Hold a themed lunch in school the day of the dance to get children excited about the after school events. Hand out prizes to game winners of a dance contest, hula hoop contest, and name that tune contest. Prizes can be educational and not involve candy or sugary treats.

Book Swap
A book swap is a fun, easy way to promote sharing in education. Designed with your school's library, children can swap books with other children, teachers and the librarian. Request the children to bring in one to three books a piece. The librarian collects the books from each class and places them on tables in the library. Children can then walk through and choose books to take home. This can be held once a week or once a month depending on how often the school would like to promote this event. Hold a contest to see how many books the children can read over a designated period to promote reading. Team up with a local restaurant or establishment to offer prizes for kids who read 50 to 100 books.